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Force One - Soft Touch 
Force One - Soft Touch

Our premium Thin Blue Line Armor Series packs temendous performance in an ultra-light, ultra-thin ballistic package surrounded by the state of the art Comfort Cooler Moisture Management System for exceptional moisture-wicking comfort.


What this means to you is greater on-the-job efficiency, all the while protected by the superb performance that only our exclusive tough Aramid-Shield and Dyneema ballistic material combination can provide. In fact, there isn't another vest in its class that can match Thin Blue Line's superb performance in a highly flexible, lightweight, and comfortable ballistic package.


  • Our highest performing Threat Level IIIA vest in an exceptionally light and comfortable package
  • Space-age moisture wicking system reduces perspiration, increases on-the-job efficiency
  • Comfort Cooler Carrier system enhances comfort and wearability
Certification:  NIJ .05
Model:  F1-ASD-3A-10
Threat Level:  3A
Ballistic Composition:  Aramid Shield/Dyneema
Areal Density:  .97 psf
V50:  1822 fps
Thinness:  .21 inches
Backface Signature:  28mm
Backface Signature:  39mm

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