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MC25® 15 oz bottle - NRA® Licensed Gun Care System 
MC25® 15 oz bottle - NRA® Licensed Gun Care System

MC25® Enzymatic Cleaner/Degreaser


NRA® Licensed GUN CARE SYSTEM’s MC25® GUN CLEANER/DEGREASER is Mil-Comm’s environmentally safe, water-based, enzymatic cleaner/degreaser that emulsifies organic substances on contact including gun lubricants, powder residue and other debris. Delivers double-acting detergent and enzymatic cleaning power. This non-toxic, “all green formula” cleaner properly prepares all firearms for an application of one of Mil-Comm Products’ extreme performance lubricants. Provides gentle, powerful cleaning and de-greasing action. (Not a solvent). All-synthetic, non-toxic.

Price: $19.95


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